Bird watching in India

We had a trip from Banglore to Wayanad. We left at 5 am and reached there at 1 pm.  On the way here we saw many birds called red crested b We stayed at a resort named Planet Green Plantations the place was very good and was filled with greenery,it was the perfect place to stay  in Wayanad if u were looking for birds . on the first day we went to we didn’t do much ,we stayed at the hotel till 5 pm, then we were shocked to know that all the visiting places would close by the time of 5, so we had no choice the only place to be open was viewpoint it was an hour drive to  reach there then while coming back home we ate dinner then we slept at the time about 9 pm . the next day my father is calling me. it was 6 am, didn’t know why he was waking me up so early he called me up to look outside the balcony i was surprised, I couldn’t even believe my eyes. In front of me were 2 female Malabar pied hornbill sitting on a tree. they were about half a metre. Then my mom came saw it she was also shocked like me and asked me which bird is this . I hapilly said that it is a hornbill . then my mom wanted to sit on the chair in the balcony she was just about to but she by mistake moved the chair which made a loud noise. Hearing it the hornbill flew away .then after it went me and my mom checked in the net which species of were they hornbill then we found out that it as a  malabar pied hornbill then me and my father were watching from the balcony for some time we saw many red crested bulbul and then we saw a bird we still havent recognised ,it was a little bigger than a crow, it was black in colour and had a crest of yellow colour,the crest was a little like a roosters. Then again my father was the first to find the bird. It was a orange and black flycatcher (not sure ).

We set of to kuruva island that morning, when we reached there they said we would have to come at 4am in the morning to get a ticket so sadly we had to cut kuruva island of the list then. They also said that muthanga and tholpetty wildlife sanctuary’would be closed so we couldn’t go there also then we went ,pookode lake but we didn’t go boating they said that children below 12 years will not be allowed in pedal boat, and i am still 10 years old ,and the big boats as it had alot of people in it we would have to wait for about an hourso we only went to the aquarium ,we saw the largest and rarest species of gar in america, the aligator gar. and the long and short nosed turtle and were very commonly seen everywhere

Malabar Pied Hornbill

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